Demo reel

Battlefront 2

I did all the lighting in the ship hallway until 16:10.

Did lighting on the level


I work on many shot in the following Cinesite breakdown.

Full CG Movies

This videos includes shots from Happy Feet, Pinoccio3000 and The Magic Roundabout
I did all lighting and compositing on all of them. On most of them i did the light and comp setup.

Game Cinematics

The following projects were done at Digital Dimension as a Lighting TD.
I did some lighting and compositing
I spent most of the time supporting the lighting team building tools in Softimage and 3Delight

Lord of the Rings War in the North

Mortal Kombat

DeusEx 3 teaser
Lighting(Softimage MentalRay) + Compositing(Fusion)


Game Engine

In 2013, i had the chance to experience lighting in the DICE Frostbite 2 engine. On this project, i delivered a entire level for a AAA game called Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel that is set to release in march 2013. (The following video have been captured by a reviewer)  I did the lighting for the first 6:00 minutes

Here i did all the lighting in the level starting at 3:00
I really like the flares recipes for polices car.

Here i did the lighting in the level until 10:45
I am proud of the change of ambiance after the big explosion.